Accounting systems

We can evaluate and recommend changes to accounting systems & processes.


Cash flow management, budgeting, bank financing and reporting.

performance indicators

We evaluate your business against key performance indicators.

Internal Control

We can review internal control and recommend improvements.


Bentley Associates, LLC

Fractional CFO Services -- Business Consultants & Advisors


strategic planning

We evaluate your business operations to identify areas ripe for improvement.

ERP Systems

We can assist with a variety of ERP system selection and implementation.


We can integrate the company's finance, operations and information technology.

New technology

We assist in adjusting operations to new business technologies.


We can develop forecasts to ensure compliance with bank loan covenants.

Human resources

We can help you minimize the burdens with HR systems and payroll processes.

Process improvement

We can assist to change, replace or streamline existing business processes.

Inventory control

We can evaluate your control over inventory to minimize shortages.

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