• Decision support
  • Strategic planning
  • Process improvement
  • Internal control reviews
  • KPI development
  • Finance, operations & IT integration
  • ​ERP selection & implementation - e.g., Apprise Distribution, QuickBooks, etc.


we HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – RETAIL, Manufacturing, Distribution. 

We have special expertise in family owned operations and private companies as well as larger corporate structures.

We can provide cash flow, accounting, budgeting, cost containment, banking, and insurance support. 

We can identify financial, operational, technology, and business processes changes to solve business issues. 

We can help integrate information technology throughout the business which can have a profound impact on efficiency.

We use surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive business review.






Bentley Associates, LLC provides fractional, interim or part-time CFO services to SMBs and help companies discover, address and solve business issues to improve organizational performance. In addition to your typical CFO functions, we have experience integrating business operations and information technology areas as well.

Bentley Associates, LLC

Fractional CFO Services -- Business Consultants & Advisors


Over 25 years of experience in various industries including retail, manufacturing, public utilities, consumer products, and wholesale distribution. Experienced in family owned operations, private companies and larger corporate structures. Providing creative and progressive solutions to business owners and company management on complex business issues and expertise helping implement changes to improve organizational performance to meet the goals you have set.

​"Helping SMBs put the pieces of the puzzle together..."